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Read John 1:14-18.

In the kingdom of the world, those with the most power most often decide what is “true.” When you look only to self or popular opinion for truth, you’ll eventually become disillusioned. There is only one place to turn for the ultimate truth. God sent truth in human form to live with us. But Jesus’ truth didn’t come alone. John says that Jesus came full of both grace and truth. Grace can be defined as: “Showing unmerited kindness toward someone.” Truth can be defined as: “The content of that which is true and therefore in accordance with what is actually happening or has happened.” If we are truly being like Jesus, then we will seek after both grace and

truth, not just one of those. Grace is difficult for some to show. Truth is difficult for others to handle. Perhaps never before have we needed to walk in grace and truth more than we do now.

When you walk in grace and truth, you will likely have enemies on both sides of an issue.

• Write out some ways that you need to show others more grace during this time.

• Write out how you can seek or speak what is true during this time.

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